Peace and Nature – Swellendam

So the plan was to leave Cape Town at 8am, as Swellendam is about a 2hour drive and we wanted to spend as much time as possible with the birthday boy. It was his big 3-0. But I’m getting ahead of myself now… The few days leading up to the drive was a bit chaotic…

We had to decide on a gift and how much money we would pitching in… 3 people couldn’t make it and it was just a bit of a mission to get everyone together together… Thank heavens for whatsapp group chat. We settled with R100 each, and then it was time to do some present hunting. Luckily, Gav told me earlier on that he needed a golf glove (it’s his new found sport), and he also wanted a ball shag… a device that picks up balls for pitching or something… weirdest name ever! hahaha. Anyways, we finally found the perfect gift – an awesome red golf shirt, silky soft and red is his favourite colour, a Nike golf glove and fluffy tees. Then Mike forgot to get the birthday card, so I was given this task considering I work in a mall… And what do you know, I forget to get the card… So stupid. Well, cards are over-priced anyways, so I decided to make him one 😀

So in the evening, Mike (he was going to be driving) informs us that we will be leaving at 9am instead… and then in the morning it was postponed by another 30min. Turns out, Chris, went partying last night and couldn’t wake up. Boys… Or maybe it’s just an Asian thing… We aren’t the most punctual people…

The drive up was good, quite cramped at the back… Yes, even though calling shot gun the previous day, I was sitting at the back… At least I got a window seat. Which is important, because I get motion sickness and also I love taking photos.

Once we arrived, Mike was confused… the whole way there he thought we were going to Paternoster, which was funny because we were driving east the whole time and Paternoster is on the west coast. The cottage was freezing cold, but it was beautiful there… the nature, the river and the birds singing. Oh, there were lots of cows too… It’s not that I don’t like cows, but I’m allergic, I can smell them with my eyes! Anyways, there were 2 canoes for each cottage, and it was a freaking mission to get the canoes into the river… wow. But all that trouble was worth it, the last time I canoed was 2 years ago… There was so many seaweed/plants under the water. Like a whole new world under there. Absolute peace and beauty. Mother nature is magnificent.

We had a true South African dinner – braai. AMAZING! Lamb chops, steak, bacon wrapped around mielies, roast potatoes, roast vegetables, potato salad, green salad, garlic bread…

A true South Africa supper

We played Trivial Pursuit after supper and boy was it intense… The questions were so difficult; to the point where you didn’t understand the questions. We felt like retards after an hour of the game. Luckily Claire (Birthday boy’s GF) made an amazing dessert – peppermint tart… If heaven had a taste, it would be that peppermint tart. Pure bliss.

IMG_5290copy Heaven on earth...

Happy birthday Gav 🙂

May it be a year of greatness and success!!


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